Feel the dance

Perhaps you know the feeling: standing at the bar and feeling unsure. Should I enter the dance floor or not? When I do, my uncertainty immediately disappears. Dancing doesn’t seem to be about thinking. Nor is dance a visual activity. Is dancing about listening then? No; deaf people can enjoy dancing too. So, why does it move us so much?

In dancing, I can ‘feel’ the music. I adapt to it with whole my body and mind. I’ve been there. Probably you have been there too. The flow of dance links mind and body, in a natural and unrestrained way.

Alice © Opleiding Dans Maastricht

Warming up

Linking mind and body is also the subject of the first presentation of the Spring Sessions of Marres. Dance dramaturge Peggy Olislaegers will talk about dance, and body consciousness. Medical anthropologist Anna Harris will address a similar mind body thing, but in a different context: that of a doctor feeling the body of his patients for a diagnosis. Together, Peggy and Anna will perform.


A lecture? No, more like a warming up, perhaps even a happening. Wednesday the 24th of February, 20.00, at the Kunstenkwartier (Bogaardenstraat 25-D). Don’t miss it!

By: Hanna Hesemans

Note: the pictures in this blog were made at the presentation of Alice, by Opleiding Dans Maastricht (ODM).


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