Hi there, and welcome to our blog about the senses!

Who are we?

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Hanna & Lucie


We are Hanna Hesemans and Lucie Marraffa, students at the University College Maastricht. Hanna is Dutch, from Maastricht. Lucie is French, and from The Hague. We are both 19, and love arts and culture. We’re setting up a blog as part of Marres program on the senses. We use the blog posts to share experiences of sensory impulses and practices. We hope you like them! If you wish to join the Senses team and or wish to write for the blog, please let us know at info@marres.org


What is Marres?

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Marres is a house of contemporary culture, established in 1998. Valentijn is its director since 2013. He launched the program Training the Senses. As a result, many exhibitions, lectures and events organised at Marres revolve around the senses.

Marres is not only an art space. It also has a lovely kitchen, and a beautiful garden. In addition, it is a meeting place for artists, scientists and visitors who discuss their approach to the senses. The researchers involved with Marres disclose their knowledge in a series of performances, lectures and warming ups. The series is named The Spring Sessions. In the coming blogs posts, we will tell you more about them.

Why this blog?

The Senses Blog consists of short posts in which we write on sensory research. The topics might range from fun facts, to tips and personal opinions on philosophical matters. The blog aims to offer its visitors a platform on which to discover and reflect on different aspects of the senses. As such it will also keep you informed about the underlying theoretical approach to exhibitions at Marres, and provide you with an interactive way to stay updated on the events taking place there.

This blog is complementary to Marres’s sensory program and was developed within the framework of Marres’s strategies, but does not necessarily represent Marres’s opinions. We as bloggers would like you to think critically about our blog posts. We like your comments and hope you will take the opportunity of sharing them with us whenever you like!

Lucie & Hanna


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  1. Welcome to the blogging World. I hope you have fun with it and all the best. I like France a lot having visited severally myself. I blog at acookingpotandtwistedtales.com Regards Jacqueline


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