The Taste of a Strawberry

I love strawberries. They are cute and on hot summer days they give me a welcomed hint of freshness. I usually don’t think too much about what they taste like. They are just so tasty that I eat them all in a rush. But why do I actually like them? Is it that bit of…

Listening without hearing #2

Beethoven was deaf. His hearing capacities decreased gradually and he spent the last eight years of his life in complete silence, and composed his 9th symphony during these years. Legend says that he used a wooden stick in his mouth with which he recorded the vibrations of his piano. Isn’t it amazing that someone without…


“Fumms bö wö tää zää Uu, pögiff, kwii Ee” With this sentence, Kurt Schwitters marked the beginning of his sound poem: ‘Ursonate’. Putting it mildly, it was not exactly what the literary salons expected in 1922. In 2016, DADAism turned 100. A good moment to let my little sister hear the Ursonate, so I thought….

Listening without hearing

At the academy of music I was reprimanded for moving while playing. My flute teacher told me it impeded my sound quality. He suggested that I close my eyes while playing. This changed making music entirely: I felt the energy shifting away from my body and towards the sound. Closing my eyes improved my playing….

Home sweet home

The Dutch saying “apple pie in the oven, house sold!”, reveals the value of baking an apple pie when possible buyers visit your house. The pie will make your place feel a little more like home. A smell can bring back memories, just like taste can trigger forgotten ones. Vlaai For many Limburgers, Appelvlaais remind…