Adrià’s Synaesthesia

What would the note B look like if you would have to give the note a colour? And the E? Synaesthesia comes in many different forms. ‘Hearing’ colours seems to be most common among musicians. There are also people who see colours when tasting food. When given the choice, we all can learn a little synaesthesia, as this chocolate experiment, and the existence of the so called flavour wheels show.

Yet, there are only few people who taste what they see (without aids such as the flavour wheel). Master-cook Ferran Adrià is one of them. With a pencil and a notebook as his favourite kitchen tools, Adrià makes sketches of his dishes before even knowing what ingredients he will use. While drawing, he tastes what their flavours should be. Following Adrià’s drawings, his team makes the effort to synchronise their food preparation with the chef’s taste. This results in new ways of cooking: experimental, molecular, and avant-garde.

Ferran Àdria ©Marres

In the Barcelonese restaurant elBulli, Adrià and his team managed to launch 1846 revolutionary dishes! Spherical olives, obulato and the now more common savoury mousse, are amongst the most famous creations that are developed here. Unfortunately, the restaurant is now closed, with Ferran focusing on research.

If you would like to know more about his revolutionary way of cooking however, make sure you don’t miss the Marres exhibition Ferran Adrià: Notes on Creativity. This exhibition shows the story behind Adrià’s famous dishes and allows you to experience these dishes by synthesising their appearance with their imagined tastes.

By: Hanna Hesemans

Exhibition Ferran Àdria – notes on creativity (10-03-2015 -03-07-2015)

Cover photo: cooking utensils of elBulli  ©Marres 2016



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